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FAA Licensed Drone Services
Serving All Regions of the Mid-Atlantic

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Wonderfly Aerial serves Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia


We aspire to produce the highest quality aerial imagery to help your business and ideas grow.

Wonderfly provides drone services in all regions of the mid-atlantic. We specialize in aerial cinematography, construction imagery, and inspections. Contact us to inquire about our services, rates, and availability.


Why Drones?


More Accurate Data

Wonderfly drone services cost substantially less per hour than traditional helicopter or personnel-intensive operations and deliver higher-quality imagery in less time. 


Different perspective

Drones capture a point of view that most manned operations, even helicopters, are often unable to, allowing you to see and analyze areas never thought possible.

Mitigate Risk

Mitigate the risk of putting personnel in harms way by curtailing the need to climb towers, other infrastructure, or fly helicopters in close proximity to high-voltage assets.  

Reduce Costs

Complete a more precise inspection and vegetation management operations more accurately and for a fraction of the price of helicopters and off-road land vehicles.

Quicker Inspections

Drones can complete 3-5x more asset inspections per day than using manned aircraft and/or ground crews. Therefore, enabling more inspections per day

Production Value

Whether you are presenting data to a client or marketing your business, quality aerial imagery instantly adds a level of professionalism and perceived value to the project.


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